Music For Fun

Music For Fun is, in essence, a form of diversional therapy.

Whilst participants are engaged and engrossed in the variety of musical activities provided, disabilities fade into insignificance. This often results in lasting hours of happiness, feelings of euphoria, calmness, and in some cases, lucidity.

Our Music For Fun sessions primarily, but not exclusively, cater to organisations that accommodate and work with disabled and aged clients.

The sessions focus on stimulating clients through the use of live music, dance, movement and fun activities. This creates an avenue for clients to respond, react and emote on both an individual and group level, thereby providing an opportunity for clients, staff and carers to experience an enjoyable interaction with music.

These sessions achieve remarkable outcomes for both high and low response clients and also provide staff and carers with the opportunity to interact and build rapport with clients.


Duration 1 hour.
Venues Music For Fun comes to you at your venue.
Requirements A room large enough for participants, staff/carers, space to dance & interact with activities.
  Space (1.5m x 1.0m) close to a Power Point for a small table.
  One small table with space for a laptop, a small wireless mic unit & a document folder.
  Space next to the table for a speaker on a stand.
  Chairs for participants to sit on.



If singing is your love, then Music For Fun Karaoke is just for you.

Fully supported by one of our professional singers, Music For Fun Karaoke creates the opportunity for you to sing your favourite songs, join in singing with one of our professional singer/facilitators or form a group and enjoy singing your favourite songs with your friends.